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Odin and the New(ish) Year

Despite the fact that January is almost over (FUCK), I thought I might ramble a bit about what I see for myself in 2020.

This first month is actually going pretty solid for me, but I have a lot of work/appointments to keep up with. There is also at least one surgery in my future, and potentially two if I can get through the red tape. My OCD will skyrocket, but I keep telling myself that it is temporary.

And on the subject of destigmatizing mental health (no one asked, but I am telling you anyway.) Did you know that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a thing??? And I found a farm that takes my insurance? Well now you know.

In terms of my goals for work for the year, I am taking it a lot slower this time around. Mourning Ember was actually a pretty stressful release, and I really need to change my work habits. I keep feeling like I am spinning my wheels in the mud and not getting anywhere the way I have been currently doing things, so I may try and see what opportunities and changes I can make with my limited number of spoons.

I am focusing more on *making* my jewelry, and less on *recording* my jewelry. Instead doing Livestreams on YouTube to better interact with all of you. I like making things for the sake of making them, not necessarily for a means to sell. That being said, I am planning on attending more shows, including some steampunk fairs that I am excited for.

With the Baby Yoda craze currently happening, I may have to resurrect one of my older designs:

I have also expanded my jewelry into something…semi-clothing like? I was suggested to make burlesque accessories using my bead embroidery skills, and some rather lovely results have come of it.

The one main trial I got thrown at me was that I busted my fucking camera that I need to capture detail shots of my jewelry, and I have no idea how I am replacing it.

Anyways. Here’s some cool shit I made. And you be your ass there will be a plant saga later.

But yep. Just a quick little post to say Hey I still am around. There are several crafting and plant posts in the future, with the possibility of some flashfic thrown in the mix.

I hope your year goes by well, and you get the much needed rest you deserve.

Until Next Time~


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