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Spooky Stinky Skeletons: Hexennacht Scents

It’s that time again! That time where Odin’s spooky heart gushes over delightful fragrances and magical potions! This time, a wonderful collection from Hexennact Scents, one of the companies that runs the Poisoner’s Guild, which I had featured on a YouTube video a while back:

They just launched a new collection called Ave Satanas, and the notes were just too tempting not to try. It is also reasonably affordable, and I ended up buying single drams of each of them for about $25. And the full size isn’t too shabby either. 15mL also for $25.

When I got my shipment, I was super excited! The packaging is A+! So beautifully crafted with lots of care in the details. The bottles were also full to the brim, I had to take care on opening each one.

This is the scent profiles according to their website and Instagram:

Needless to say, I was SUPER. EXCITED. for these.

Here are my impressions. These are all in Parfum extrait formulas, as opposed to perfume oils, which has some spiffy scientific reasoning on one vs the other that I have no clue into why.



Straight out of the bottle, it smells like blackberry tea and other herbs.

Worn – still blackberry but very very soft on me. Maybe need an oil of this one. Putting it on it was alluring af. I get sage on this one too. Built up with wear and it is friggin enchanting. Pairs really well with mint strangely enough (I put on a chapstick xD It lasts a long time and evolves. Love it!


Out of the bottle – Soft incensy, hint of citrus

On my skin the incense was nice and soft, and mellowed with the hint of orange and a little smoke. I thought it would punch me in the face, but it is a lovely gender neutral scent, and almost sensual in a way. I also spilled some curry powder from my lunch on my hands and somehow it made it smell even more magical xD. It is a very nice fragrance, but I have similar in my collection already, so I think I am content with this small size.


Bottle – Dark yet soft woods

On the skin – ughhhhhh I need more of this. Dry earthy leafy, reedy. I’m walking through a magical forest here. The clove in the back just brings it all together.

*Fallen Angel:

Out of the bottle: Wet greenery

On my skin the greens amplified, wet earthiness and a hint of incense. Reminds me of a graveyard in the rain. Something in the back confuses me though, kind of like a warm plastic or wax? I think it might be the stony notes. That mellows out after wear, however. Very long lasting and pleasant, so I may be getting a full size of this one.

*/Black Phillip:

Bottle – Candied Incense

Worn – Very soft, with all those musks and Dragon’s Blood, I thought this one would radiate on me. It is sweet and resiny mostly the dragon’s blood. I may need to try this as an oil to see what it does to my skin.

*Old Scratch:

Bottle – Butterscotch

This one surprised me the most. It was so much more, spicy sweet, essence of Fall. Good for those who like foodies. It kind of toes a line between perfume and home fragrance, but the bourbon notes mellow it out and make it a nice inviting scent to wear. Sweet and a hint of sour fruits. Very long lasting too. I thought I wouldn’t need a full bottle of this one but my mind is quickly changing…

Ave Victoria

I have also just reviewed the Ave Victoria box from Poisoner’s Guild on my channel and can we just….

appreciate the GORGEOUS packaging???? I can’t even right now… Here’s a link to the next video:

In the video I go over the details of each product included, but I wanted to go into more on the perfumes. Here is the link to the box description so you can see the notes in all the products.

This time we got a treasure trove of THREE bottles:

Cyanide from Alkemia Perfumes: Straight out of the bottle it was an explosion of almond extract, which is supposedly the scent of cyanide. Worn immediately the notes of anise come in to blend in amazingly well, with a soft hint of something floral or herby in the back. Then it softens to something very sweet and almost violety. Very delightful!

Morphine from Hexennacht: These other two from Hexxennacht completely flipped my opinions. Straight out of the bottle I get a lovely warming milky scent. Worn immediately the warmth kind of dissolves into something baked, not particularly my favorite. But then a few moments later it literally EXPLODED on my skin with magical fruity goodness. I thought I wasn’t going to like this one because of the lavender, but I think I need a full size of this one.

Laudanum: This one I thought I was going to need because of all the dark notes. Straight out of the bottle it’s a lovely perfumey note with incense in the back. Worn immediately after the incense notes take a stand. But as it fades the perfumey notes came a little strong for my liking and breaching a near headachey limit to me. I think it was the ambergris. There was a LOT going on in this one. However, used in considerably smaller doses it follows you with a lovely decadent aura. I may end up getting a full bottle anyways.

Alrighty. I think that was enough gushing from me. Time to drown myself in a euphoric concoction of magically scented delights.

Until Next Time!


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