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Odin and the Tweeters

Aside from rambling off on my space here on the blog, I do a lot of word vomiting on Twitter. I have been following a lot of writer hashtags, and I thought I would share a collection of them here since they delve into some background and scenery topics of the Sleepless Flame world.

If you aren’t already following me there, I’d highly recommend it for extra tidbits to read while you are waiting for my slow ass to crank the sequel out of my brains.

The first pertinent tag I participated in is the #LGBTWIP, started by @AJWhiteAuthor, focused on bringing out writers of the LGBT community as well as helping others with character creation. Click on the images to see threads on the alignments of some of my major characters in Sleepless Flame:

Other fun exercises from the #LGBTWIP:

#WIPWHERE started by @penlex is another tag that focuses on the setting and culture of the sequel, which I am currently working on. So if you are itching to know some details about the next book, this one you might want to check out: 

#WritersPatch is a new one that I have been participating in, run by @PatchworkNerd, and starts every Sunday morning with a few questions about characters and the writing craft:

And here’s a few extra tidbits from other author craft users I follow:

And that’s about all I wanted to share. Check out Twitter if you’re interested in seeing more!

I’ve been running my nose to the grindstone getting some content out. I am also pausing on the book to write a short for submission, so you may get a nice piece of fiction once I get my rejection letter.

Check out the fun things I’ve been doing on YouTube, and take care of yourselves!


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