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Post-Con Collapse

Fwuhhhhhhhh. What a weekend. I have just finished up an event at a geek con featured inside a local library, and it was a magical adventure! 

Here is a pic of my table setup, which holds the remainder of my jewelry and my books! It was quite a productive adventure, I met lots of lovely people and the organizers were so fantastic!

If you are here from Cirque du Geek, Greetings! I hope you enjoy the shenanigans and salty proclamations.

The building itself was a little labyrinthine, which if I had more time, I would have loved to explore more of. 

The downside there was no air conditioning, and despite the fact that it was a breezy 50 degrees outside, it somehow managed to get in the upper 80s inside. I deeply regret my full face of makeup.

Pictured here: a moist dandy.

Also what would be a con trip without a haul from the Artist Alley?

In no particular order, This is what I purchased:

Aaaaand we got into even further trouble by heading into a T.J. Maxx, straight for the makeup department <>:


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Welp. the saga continues…

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….then I made a second trip….

But now there is no rest for the Odin, oho no! Now it is time for me to get into a mad scramble and attempt to get everything sorted for Octoberween on my YouTube channel.

The good news is, I have everything planned for the jewelry side of things. The bad news is I have yet to make it and see if my ideas actually make sense.

I would like to attempt another makeup adventure as well but I am not sure how time will treat me. That being said, I do have this fantastic design I created for a challenge in a goth facebook group I am in:

I have also purchased a box from both Tokyo Treat and Japan Crate. The largest boxes of course. I plan on doing a livestream mukbang of both because I have had an itch to stream for the longest time. I am still hammering out details.

I also have a MAJOR bead haul upcoming and some brand new designs in the works for a couple of bead shops I am working with, so that will be something to look forward to in the future!

…I am a writer, I swear. My priority is working on this short I plan on submitting to a magazine, then back into the Sleepless Flame universe.

Anyhow, I think that is it for me. I hope your spooky plannings are going to be fruitful and slightly bit devious.

Until Next Time!


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