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….Bugs. It wants bugs.

Yes that’s right, it is time for a new chapter in the PLANT SAGA. And this time I GOTS ME A CARNIVORE.

So we have an atrocious fruit fly problem at our house, and I always wanted a Butterwort, which primarily consumes fruit flies. WIN-WIN!

Last update, you saw me post about this container for it, as well as the Halloween goodies that were starting to crop up over at Michael’s:

I still ahve yet to determine what exactly I am doing with this, buuuuut I’ll get there….eventually.

But I couldn’t just get ONE plant, it of course needs buddies!

Ooooooo, CHOICES!

So after about an hour and a half of hemming and hawing, working within budget, these were my selected companions:

Don’t ask me what they are. They are just shiny.

I also got digging around my stash, again, and getting inspired by the overpriced bullshit that Michaels was trying to pawn off and did my own versions.

I ain’t paying 5$ for three bottles made of ten cents of product. I also have a metric fuckton of my own glitter. And that is not hyperbole.

So off I go arranging and fiddling awaiting the star of the show. Doo deee dooo de doooooooo

I also made use of this strangely stiff but fucking adorable fabric and cut it into a semi cat deterrent, because for SOME REASON. I’ve had my terrorium set up for what FOUR MONTHS now? and NOW Hermes is taking an interest in it and eating my ivy >:[ Fucknut.


I got this lovely Butterwort in the Gigantea version over at AKCarnivores on Etsy! I must say I really liked how it was packed, and they even emailed me a care guide that is heckin detailed.

Now I have it settled in its new home, but I have a lot of work to do on the environment, as I want to make things snuggly and cohesive. I am thinking some graveyard motifs or something? I don’t know.

But there it be for now!! A little under the weather from its transport and probably a bit shocked. Hopefully it will bounce back.

That’s about it for this chapter of the PLANT SAGA! What is next for Odin? Probably some spooky lighting because I live in a cave and they are telling me they are not happy. Ahhhh hell.

In other news notice anything different about the site? Huehuehue….Exciting things are coming up! Be sure you are subscribed to newsletters because there may or may not be a *coughcough* cover reveal *cough* incoming .<:

Until Next Time!


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