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Odin Needs Moar Smell.

Once again I have been desiring to smell good and I can’t resist the delights of Little And Grim. But THIS TIME! My intent was more focused on these FUCKING ADORABLE incense burners that I had been lusting after forever. They have been shaped after their hand carved soaps and I just needed them in permanent form.

But I couldn’t JUST buy the burners, right? Shipping is expensive and ya know. LONG STORY SHORT I have more stinky things to review.

Now, as always, I want to reiterate that EVERYBODY’S CHEMISTRY IS DIFFERENT. Just because it smells good/bad on me, it might/might not on YOU. YMMV. My chemistry is also notoriously fuckin weird since I am going through some hormonal changes.

I want to emphasize it on this particular run because there were a couple of nopes for me. But you can’t win em all, and I don’t want to discourage others from buying them if they tempt their nostrils.

First off, we have to mention packaging because holy shit can it be any cuter????

And I got these little slips of warning in some of the drams:

I mean, same, tbh.


I bought these:

  • Rawr (Pride Collection DISCONTINUED) Notes include raw vanilla, cashmere, geranium, tonka, orange peel, rum, bergamot, bourbon, sandalwood, spicy bar rum, and warm woods.
    This one is an ABSOLUTE LOVE. Earthy and woodsy right out of the bottle, then when worn it turns softer and more neutral. not like FUCK YEAH WOOD-slaps you across the face with a log- It honestly reminds me of summer with the hints of citrus in it. Later on more cedary notes start to poke through.
  • Botanomancy – Fruit-laced herbal smoke and spicy glowing embers. Notes of fig, apple, lemon, ginger, sage, frankincense, caramel, cinnamon, and smoke. 
    Out of the bottle, herby , sweet, incensy. Immediately applied it reminded me of holiday scents, like Winter from BBW. but this one was STRONG ho lordy. A little goes a LOOOOOONG way, so I would recommend thinning it out or applying it sparingly. I get a lot of Sage, frankincense, and just general magicalness. Good but fuck me sideways she’s a brick shithouse of a scent.
  • Tell-Tale – A taste of feverish autumn: Blood pounding, madness rising, a heart thumping beneath a warm wooden floor. Notes of pumpkin, apples, oak leaves, oak moss, cedar, musk, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
    This one sadly broke my heart. Out of the bottle I get baked goods and fruit then applied it has more of the moss and heady spices. A delightful blend that teased the senses. But then…..the very very last note….I got something rather unpleasant. I tried to get my brain to stop putting things that shouldn’t be there, but I could not help but get a note that was oddly….pee-like. Again, I want to reiterate that everyone’s chemistry is different. But I just could not get the image out of my head. Which totally sucks because the rest of it was lovely earthy and the quintessential autumn feeling.

And got samples of these with my parcel:

  • Squish (Pride Collection DISCONTINUED) Ehrm, the scent list on this one moved so all I have is my impressions.
    What I got out of the bottle was something creamy and clean, kind of cocoa-y but not. When applied I got more of rosewood and cedar with a hint of vanilla and floral. While I did like it, it smelled more like decor rather than something I could wear. Maybe would be good as an atmosphere spray or something.
  • Isobel (Pride Collection DISCONTINUED) Scent list moved agin ;-;
    Out of the bottle is something herby? Or floral? With some powder in between. Applied fresh the powder kind of kicks in with some spices up front. The powder wasn’t too offensive to me, and it kind of smells like a Lush store. After a while the powder overtakes it, so I was not partial to it, but if I stuffed my wrist in my face it smelled very nice.

And that is all! If you want some delicious delights for yourself, be sure to check out Little And Grim for your devious scent needs.

Until Next Time!


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