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That’s right, you fuckin heard me: Potatoes. Specifically: Potato Warriors. More Specifically: A weapons shop for Potato Warriors run by Potato Blacksmiths.

So what the fuck am I actually talking about? This:

Pretty fucking magical, right?

So you start off playing the lovable oaf who inherits the blacksmith shop from a dead grandpa. Or rather inherits the labor contract, because apparently, Uncle Moneybags (actually named Agent 46 in game) owns 99.99999999% of the profit. And you have to work off your grandfather’s debt too.

So it’s a Reality Simulator too!!

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In case you didn’t already know, Odin likes video games. A lot. Odin also likes violent video games. A lot. So if you are not interested in that, you may want to read something else about puppies or whatever.

But if you want to read Odin gush and get all shiny eyed about a fantastic Cyberpunk game, cheers!

For starters, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with System Shock 2 from Looking Glass studios (let’s be honest, I am obsessed with pretty much EVERYTHING made by Looking Glass Studios) and years ago I had decided to track down the original game.

The first game was created in ’94, when my gaming addiction was blossoming. I managed to find a copy in a vintage gaming shop (bigass box, manual, and all), and have no regrets purchasing it even though I have no idea how I thought I would be able to get it working…

Much to my relief, Good Old Games carried the original System Shock, along with other delightful treats that I remembered myself being addicted to. (Wing Commander FTW, FreeSpace: you imagination fueling tart)

I loaded it up….and found the retro Doom-like controls to be a difficult obstacle for me.
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Odin is a Mature Adult

This rant may contain Spoilers for Stardew Valley from Concerned Ape and Chucklefish Games. Mind you, I haven’t gotten too far in the game, but if you want everything to be a surprise, you might not want to read this.

So I have been drawn into another game that I really don’t have time for. A few hours later, and I feel like someone really needs to take it away from me.

Like really, really needs to take it away:

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