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Spooky Livestreams, Free Stories, and Cool Shit I Bought

Quick announcement before I get into spooky festivities, I will be doing a livestream Mukbang Sunday, October 14th at 7PM EST where I will be unboxing a Tokyo Treat premium box and tasting all the goodies inside. There may be a Japan Crate as well, but I had ordered it a few weeks ago and it has not shown up at my door yet. I will probably do another video on that as well.

Here is the fantastically overdramatic trailer for the livestream:

So bring a snack of your own and come join me then on YouTube to chat! Talk about delicious snacks, Halloween adventures, and the world of Sleepless Flame!

You can find the link to the stream here:

Keep in mind the email update for this post will show up the Wednasday after, and I have sent off an announcement on the livestream in a separate notice, so if you get this one again, I am sorry if I missed you ;-;

It’s been beyond chaotic with all the preparations and commissions I have had over this month. I try to make October my vacation time, but I just can’t say no to work. 

Because of this my writing has been put to a halt, but I have had the chance to submit something to an anthology to Blood Bound Books. The prompt for Cyberpunk Splatterpunk was just too good not to partake.

All that being said, if it gets rejected, I will be posting it here for you all to read ^^

If you are looking for some horror shorts this spooky season, why not take a look at a few freebies I have come across:

The first is a horror anthology from Dedman’s Tome:

You might even find a familiar advertisement of a certain Cyberpunk book in there ^^

Also My friend S. R. Jones has a new novel up for Preorder that is debuting October 31st. If you’re into eldritch horrors and Kickass female protags, you might want to give this a try. He also has a couple of prequel shorts up for free if you want to get a feel for the world: 

And since I don’t have a lot of other happenings that I am able to share yet, I’d like to introduce a new segment I’d like to call:


….because I have zero impulse control.

First up, a bittersweet purchase as I learned that Storming the Base is closing its doors. I got some amazing picks for stupid cheap, but AT WHAT COST???

I don’t have photos of them because I immediately stashed them away after ripping them into my computer for use on my mp3 player but I picked up:

  • 3Teeth’s shutdown.exe (saw them live and they are AMAZING
  • Colony 5 Fixed
  • Pandora’s Black Book – The Black Brothel
  • Massiv in Mensch – Clubber Lang
  • Fractional – Blood
  • Kant Kino – Kopfkino

As well as Disharmony Evolution, which I had to request an additional copy since there was a huge crack along the disc. I only paid $2 so it was no big deal if I couldn’t get a replacement, but the owners/sales rep there was super quick to reply to it.

A much better score than my recent Boston trip, and it only cost me $25. I got a lot a blend of ambient from Tympanik Studio’s ashes, some more electronica hits from a few bands I am familiar with, and I had to get that 3Teeth album. So if you’re in the market for ambient, Industrial, or any of those realms or just want to try something new, I’d recommend checking out Storming The Base’s Goodbye sale for some super cheap gems.

Next up are these fantastically spooky cabochons that I got from Leander Ornaments on Etsy. I am so in love and I cannot wait to work with them once the Halloween rush calms.

The majority of everything else I bought is enamel pins, because they are shiny and I am part raven.

If you’ve been checking out my Instagram, you might have seen a whole train of absolutely adorable pins from independent artists. Each artist is tagged in the photo, but a lot of these are seasonal or limited run so get them while you can!

I also have a few kickstarters that have not com in yet, and some I have just backed. I am excited for my pins from the Gender Armory, and Birch Bark Studios. As well as these super adorable fans:

And to top it all off, I had to get another perfume from Hexennacht, the exclusive scent from the Poisoner’s Guild box:

Then there’s also an embarrassing amount of makeup, but let’s not talk about that shall we…

That’s all for now! I am hoping to have more literary updates once things calm down a bit and I can start breathing again. Until next time and I hope to see you Sunday!


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