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Diverted Plans and Spooky Shit


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So last Saturday I had planned to have a nice visit to a theatrical event happening at the Eastern Cemetery in Portland, but mother nature told me to go fuck myself.


I have visited this graveyard before, and they do tremendous work on restoration and preserving history. Feel free to take a gander at their work and their site:

So since I did not feel like galloping through black ice, there was nothing left for me to do other than sulk in the corner and hang out with my gopher skull.

You thought I was kidding…

This is probably the most interesting bit of fan mail I had ever received. It had lived in my bathroom cupboard partially cleaned, but I need to go and finish the process so I can figure out what to do with it.

Then I got rather crafty with these flatback rhinestones that I have had for ages, all while listening to podcasts.

My favorite as of late is Death in the Afternoon, a show run by
Caitlin Doughty of the YouTube Channel Ask a Mortician, and colleagues. They discuss strange mortal topics in the funeral industry and educate the public about choices in death. A fascinating listen that I highly recommend, as well as checking out her channel for all those morbid curiosities I know you all have. (Don’t deny it.)

BUT! It is not all bad. The event was cancelled due to the weather and because of this, they honored the tickets purchased that day for the next showings.

We were not allowed to photograph the actors, and by the time I got to the showing, it was too dark to photo anyways. This is the outside as I waited in line. A nice dreary day for a stroll ^^

Six people retold tales of famous individuals that were buried there. It was a lovely show and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing more about local history.

I also did a bit of shopping at Michaels amidst the death throes of the Halloween sale while santa and his jangly minions invades to strangle every corner in tinsel.


The end of the evening we went to a bookstore, and I got a copy of Caitlin Doughty’s new book, From Here to Eternity. A most appropriate purchase I think.

We ended the night at Cracker Barrel, because nothing shouts imminent mortality than deep fried goodness. And that was my Halloween themed adventure.

That is about all, but one last thing: I am using my tiny platform to say GO AND VOTE. There is a very important election coming up, lives are literally at stake. This is not hyperbole. Your neighbors, your community, everyone is impacted by the future. Your voice does matter.

Speaking of making a difference, if you would like to impact the livelihood of a trans individual, consider checking out my Patreon page and see what I do. Consider supporting if you would like or even just saying “Hi!”

Until Next Time. Have a safe Halloween that is just spooky enough for your comfort levels!


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