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Stinky things, Freelance, and Cons! – Update on the World of Odin

HOLY BALLS What a month is has been. I can’t even process it all but now I am flying at the seat of my pants and I hope the fabric holds. Between medical issues, precarious financial situations, and opportunities, my organization tendencies are on overdrive.

I would like to start by showing off some #ThursdayAesthetic themes I have participated in on Twitter recently, because they were so damned beautiful

The themes were Protagonist and Antagonist.

So here is Nara, which I am sure many are familiar with:

And here is Abberon, the Antagonist of Sleepless Flame 2.0

“Soot from past burned bridges stained their tousled mane, framing their cold features in a disquieting shadow. Their severe eyes lanced through the walls, an otherworldy gaze that could effortlessly excavate your darkest secrets for later use.”

Charming, aren’t they?

And the most recent one was Setting, so here is a glimpse of Nara’s homeworld:

If aesthetics are your jam and you want more teases of the next book, take a look at my Pinterest page for mood boards:

Visit OdinsMusings’s profile on Pinterest.

If you are not already following me on Twitter, you are missing out on a lot of background information on the setting and characters of Sleepless Flame 2.0, the status of my cats, as well as some great gems such as:

And of course:



I have also been working on a freelance gig, which is tremendously exciting! I have been tasked to make instructional videos for Aura Crystals, a fantastic bead shop located in New England. They are an awesome company and I have worked with them for a little while now, so I was ecstatic to gain this opportunity.

You can follow them on YouTube here.

Right now I am working on teaching basic stitches, but in the future there will be special projects and designs based off of their products.


So luckily, I have found a way to improve my quality of life in the chronic illness department, and found a few things that help me cope. But since I am living in a prominent capitalist society, these things cost money. In addition, I am currently living in a bit of a Damocles Sword situation with my SO’s place of work.

So I have decided to re-open my Patreon for those who with to help me out with expenses whilst I continue to create worlds and shiny things for the public to enjoy. I am looking for more ideas for reward tiers. Right now they are focused on the jewelry making aspect, where I post exclusive tutorials for Patrons. But I would like to include those who enjoy my writing aspect, and not so much the jewelry. Input appreciated!

If you would like to support my endeavors, you can find my Patreon page here:

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I’ve also managed to land a table at a geek con being held at a public library in my area. It’s a small free event and I am not hoping for much, but I think it is a fantastic way to cut my teeth and try to not sound like a bag of nerves when meeting people in public. And hopefully prepare for larger cons.


We should all know by now that Odin loves smelly stuff. I was lusting after a bottle of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs’ Blood Popsicle from the Only Lovers Left Alive collection, and decided to pick up Ranger from the RPG collection as well since I fell in love with the imps that I had received. So here is a quick rundown of the two plush the four Imps I got as a sample:

Blood Popsicle: Ohhhhhhgods this one is magical. Incensy, sweet, with a hint of metal that isn’t cloying or sickening. This one is very compatible with me as it lasts through showers, which is a big test since I take them far too often.

Ranger: Reedy with a hint of patchouli. I can also get a hint of the leathery buckskin they are going after. Woody wet and mossy. Reminds me of a Summer night. It doesn’t last as long as Blood Popsicle, but it is still a nice signature scent for me. My SO also keeps biting me >:[ Idk if that is a plus or minus.

Marie: Rose and Violet. Nothing more, but so very lovely. The rose is nice and fresh, does not smell like artificial lotions and soaps, and also leaves plenty of room for the very sweet violet. I love violet so much. It doesn’t last very long on me though, which is kind of upsetting.

Loup Garou: Sharp and woodsy, with a bit of freshness and I can detect the Juniper in the background and a hint of something spicy. I really like this a lot even though it fades on me. I’ll just have to bathe in this. Kinda makes me feel like a werewolf xD

Aeval (resurrected): Powdery at first with a little herbal in the back. Smelled kind of soapy. It’s a Meh from me.

Brusque Violet:  With a name of “Brusque Violet” I was hoping to have my nostrils brutally assaulted by violet. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It was mostly powdery (yet a different powder to Aeval and more pleasant) and the violet was softly in the background. Eh.

And that is about it I think. Dear gods I hope. Reminder that you can still get Sleepless Flame for FREE with the coupon code “SS100” This is good until July 31st, so get on it while you can. If you do pick up a copy and enjoy, don’t forget to leave a review! It helps readers discover these stories in the endless void of the internet.



Until Next Time!


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