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Weekly Progress Report

Not a whole lot to report on, and since this is the first post, I will just give a general impression of what I have been doing.

Mostly setting up this site, really.

As it stands right now, I have just finished the Beta version of Chapter 11, where Nara is having a wonderful fun time in Uppercity. (hint: no. no she is not.)

I am now currently working on the restructure of Chapter 12, where things start to climax in terms of final conflict. I have had to chip off pieces and smoosh other ideas together in order to make location transitions smooth. But I have all of the chapter plotted out, so finishing it should be no problem. *SHOULD*

This is the word count I am working with for Chapter 12 right now:

I anticipate this chapter to end up in the 15-18 page range, or about 12k words when this is finished. Let’s see how close I get. Place your bets now.

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