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Progress (ow) Report (ow)

This week I picked myself back up on my workout wagon, and I am in excruciating pain. I am having difficulty raising my arms after five days of walking trails, gymming it up, and HEMA practice, so please forgive me for any errors in this post. Or don’t. Whatever floats yer goat.

So the final chapter of 15 is starting to become the bane of my existence. I have a starting point. I have an end point. Here is what the middle looks like:




And this is the word count we are looking at so far:

Not bad, but not great for a week’s work. Mind you, given that I have ended the previous chapter early, I am considering these BONUS WORDS! YE!

…At least that is how I make myself feel better.

See that? MIND GAMES -spooky finger wave-

I have *ideas* for the middle, it’s just a matter of connecting all the dots to make it flow nicely instead of the trash fire that it is right now.

To give an out of context plot summation: A lot of exposition is happening to set up our intrepid heroes for the final confrontation, and then everyone buggers off having a good old space adventure. At least that’s how it’s playing out in my head right now. Pssshh, I don’t have that thing on a leash, I never know what it’s up to.

Next week’s goal is to have the middle ESTABLISHED and get prepared for final polish. Depending on how focused I can be, that may or may not be achieved before the weekend.

I have also been playing Remember Me after all these years of it collecting dust in my collection, and I have thoughts. Oh lordy do I have thoughts. So if I find myself totally out of focus, you may have another game review dropped on you.

BUT TOMORROW I am declaring “Sludge Day.” As in, I do my absolute utmost to imitate a puddle of sludge, most likely in the middle of my living room floor, and tell any feet that may step over me, both human and feline, to “GFY.”

ANYHOW. That’s about all I got for ya this week. Things are on schedule, I’m wrecking my body for the sake of “fitness,” and hoping to come out of it stronger in the end. I think?


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