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Odin Learns to Dodge Wrenches


This was an arduous week. I honestly didn’t expect to spend so much time on these edits.  What was giving me the most difficulty was chapter three, which I have pretty much rewritten ENTIRELY. That being said, it is FINISHED, and I even like where it went, despite the agony it had caused.

I also kicked out another chapter, which only took me about two days, a new record for me Whee! It was the first encounter with Experimentalists, so lots of squishy metaphors were used.

I have about four chunky chapters left, three of them should go pretty smooth, and one huge beast that I am not looking forward to. After that it *should* be smooth sailing. In theory…

Today I am hoping to have another chapter done. I have already cut off two pages of exposition that doesn’t need to be explained until the next book. Then there is a small section of combat that I don’t need to tweak in terms of choreography, just need to update the voicing. So…wish me luck? Better yet send energy drinks. And Oreos. Maybe a blanket fort.

I say this EVERY week, but I am hoping to have this sent off by NEXT week. It’s getting there. and I am getting tired of looking at it.

The holiday feels are providing another obstacle, and winter is pushing me into some blahs and mehs. In any case, just wanted to poke a quick update and let you guys know where I am at.

I am also eyeing BPAL Yules and I don’t know quite yet if I am going to partake. I did love the Halloweenies I purchased!

In any case! I don’t have a lot of random thoughts or rants to throw in your direction either. I’m kind of dealing with tunnel vision as I pull through the final stretch.

Hopefully you guys are having a better season full of delightful things!

Until Next Time!

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