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….or are they whales? IDFK.

So a while ago I did a favorites video featuring Squid and Pig/Platonic Games’ Sweet Sins: Kawaii Run that I played on my tablet (before it took a shit on itself.)

One of the features of this game was getting buffs from these adorable sea-like creatures called Miimos that helped you along your hell-bent journey.

Platonic games then released another addicting micro game featuring these adorable…things.

It’s so gd cute and it makes me feel….things.

In my opinion, this one is a lot more simpler than the previous game, but there is something fundamentally attractive about it that still somehow manages to consume hours of my pathetic life. Or that could be my addictive personality…..but we don’t talk about that.

So basically. You hop. Up. and that’s it. Avoid nasty thing that will interrupt your hop.

The Miimos are the center of the gameplay. Different Miimos can alter the background, and even create different obstacles. For example, dragon Miimos throw balls of fire from the top of the screen that you need to dodge, while others have color contrast difficulties that make you second guess the direction to hop. And since it is also a reaction based game, you also are easily capable of twisting your fingers into a celtic knot. But hey, at least you will get some art too.

Collecting the Miimos don’t appear to be too difficult to do either, and with the exception of some promotional Miimos, unlocking them all shouldn’t be a problem.

That being said, there isn’t too much else going on for the game. But it is nice and relaxing and may even help some focus or drown out the shitty world around them.

Plus, it supports some awesome artists that make fucking adorable work.


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