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Update and Rude Awakenings

There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of a grown ass man bursting through your bedroom door screaming “ODIN! HELP! HERMES CAUGHT A MOUSE!!!”

…So how was your day? (The mouse is fine btw.)

So I guess in an attempt to warm up my brain, I will update you on the progress of 13, or something like that.

Firstly, I love math coincidences, and this is what my word count looked like last night:

I was *doubly* amused by the page count DOHOHOHO.

Also, do you ever just find a song on the internet and just become MESMERIZED by how fitting it is for a character? No? Just me? Well fine. IN ANY CASE, I wanted to share this little gem with you:



Because 1.) I totally forgot how rad Gary Numan is, and 2.) the lyrics are pretty much Nara’s anthem right there. And that is exciting to me.


13 is going a lot smoother than anticipated, both it and 14 are effectively plotted out. I just had to perform some wizardry to smooth out the timeline and make the scenarios flow better.

All that remains is drafting up two different fight scenes, as well as polishing all the exposition surrounding it.

I also figured out what sort of enemy encounter Nara should deal with next, and after oversimplifying the term for it, I could not stop laughing my ass off. Here’s a hint:

Storywise, things are heating up, and tension between our intrepid heroes are being temporarily mended for the sake of working together to escape the planet.

With that all being said, I *should* be able to finish by Monday, THE NEXT MILESTONE. Then holy shit, there are only TWO. MORE. CHAPTERS. LEFT. It sounds so weird saying it out loud.

So I suppose I’d better get on with it and somehow slap the grog from my face.

Not sure what is in store for the future of the blog, I know I have a Slime Rancher review post to create, but I am currently obsessed with it that I have yet to pull myself away from the monitor to analyze it.

Thank you to all who have supported and pre-ordered already! We are well on our way to the end of this project, and it is leaving me with uncharacteristically warm toasty feels.

If you haven’t already, be sure to share the campaign with all your scifi enthusiasts (or non enthusiasts if you feel as well xD) to spread awareness of the obnoxious humor.
And in any case, Until Next Time! Take Care!

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