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WE ARE LIVE – Sleepless Flame Release on Amazon

Front Cover of Sleepless Flame by Odin Oxthorn

First off I need to say LOOKIT WHAT THE FORMATTER DID!!! It makes it looks so real and I’M NOT CRYING IT’S RAINING ON MY FACE.

If you need your own books formatted, I HIGHLY recommend Serendipity Formats. She is so great to work with and very responsive.

This book turned out MASSIVE. She’s just over 500 pages, and I had spent a lot of time tweaking the cover art so the spine fit xD

IT IS THE END!!!! The ebook is up for pre-order RIGHT NOW on Amazon:

The release for the ebook is set for March 11th, but you can also grab the paperback print on demand RIGHT NOW:

For those of you who have preordered digital ebooks through this site, you should have an email containing your files. Check your spam filter to make sure I didn’t end up there. If you still didn’t get it, poke me through email and I will make it happen for you~

Those who have ordered paperbacks, your orders will come soon. I have to order my copies, and since this is the first time I have done this, I am not sure how long it will take. Once I get them, they will be signed and shipped off to you! Be sure you are signed up for newsletter updates to get a more concrete estimate.


I am looking for reviewers to post on my Amazon listings and potentially share with THE WORLD OF THE INTERNET. So if you are interested in a reviewer copy, hit me up in the contact bar down at the bottom of the page.

And if you have already received a preorder from me, you can also add a review, it would help me out TONS. Spread the word! Share the book links on social media! Tell your friends if you enjoyed the work!


I just can’t believe it’s finally over. It’s been a total struggle bus towards the end, but it is finally here. Thank you to everyone who have supported this project. There have been many amazing people that have helped shove me along this route. It’s so weird to see it finally end.

I have never been the kind of person who could complete projects. I always give up when it gets too hard, or I don’t see myself succeeding. This is the first time I have completed something this important start to finish. It’s surreal.

But enough of that then…


Well, I suppose I should start work on the second book……oh yeah. The second book. I can tell you I know where it is going, I can’t tell you *how.* I have a title even, and a cover concept, but we will leave that for another day.

On we go back on the roller coaster I suppose. As with this book, I will keep you updated with progress on the blog and through email updates, so be sure you are subscribed!

Thanks again for everything and Until Next Time!


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