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Welp. There it is. I actually published a deng book. Sleepless Flame is a thing that exists in reality. Despite being a weaver of words, I don’t exactly have a way to explain my thoughts and feelings. Immersive science fiction worlds, specifically cyberpunk, have always been an extremely important part of my life. It has literally kept me alive these years, and I am so happy to finally breathe mine into existence.

I’ve said before, I don’t have much to be proud of in my life, and I find it very difficult to finish projects. I get discouraged easily and give up. But after seven years, I finally saw something to the end. Huh.

And it is also my birthday, so today I plan on partake in whatever debauchery will come my way. (Read: none. I am a boring individual whose idea of a “wild night” is to go out to eat at a moderately priced tavern then go back home before everything closes.)

My SO commissioned a cake for both occasions, and I am crying right now:

Odin's Book Launch Cake

Since finishing the book, I have been put in this weird purgatory state where I have no idea what to do with myself. There are things I *should* be doing, but have no desire to do any of them. I also should be relaxing so I can stave off the years of burnout coagulating over my bones, but I have long forgotten how.

Though another run of Deus Ex sounds like a fantastic idea.

I apparently also occupy my time by making cursed objects:

Demagogue's Beacon Beaded Jewelry by Odin's Bead Hall

I need to start writing lore for these pieces because SERIOUSLY.


Later this month I will also be doing a Q&A Livestream on my YouTube Channel, where I will be destroying a bunch of my past shameful jewelry work. Come and join me, chill out, Ask Me Anything about the book, beading help, or about me personally. But not too personally. Or ask me silly hypothetical questions. You just might get some absurd answers.

Because I am a weird and easily amused individual, I have taken the liberty of re-creating a recently deceased meme using my characters in the story:

McDonald's Alignment Chart Meme with Sleepless Flame Book Characters
I really need to have a hobby.

If you’ve read the book, agree or disagree?

Find Sleepless Flame on Amazon and Kobo! (Other locations pending)



Kobo eBook:

I’ve also looked on my listings on Amazon and the paperback has a “Look Inside!” preview, and that just tickles me :>

If you have ordered a pre-release copy from me on this website, I have put in my VERY FIRST ORDER for paperbacks, and they should arrive to me by the 19th. Then I will sign them and have them sent off to you, so be on the lookout for them!

I would like to stress that if you enjoyed the book, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! It helps me out SO MUCH in being seen. There are so many indie pub books out there, and your help in exposing this work would mean so much to me!

I was also featured on a Spiffy New Releases List on SFF Book Bonanza, so why don’t you check out the listing there, as well as some other fantastical works of intrigue: SFF Bonanza New Book Releases March 2018

New Releases – Mar 2018


I also wanted to take the time to thank all those who have supported me. I had an awesome group of people behind me to push me through this, and without the, I certainly would have given up a long time ago.


So for the immediate future, I am going to be trying to get some R ‘n R (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Then working on getting a backlog of youtube content ready so I can focus on the next book. When that will arrive, I have no idea. I have a title, I have a cover concept. I have a general plot outline. After that: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The idea is that March 31st will be the start of the outline phase for book two. I will be making reports again in a semi-regular basis, so if you would like to keep updated, be sure you are subscribed to the newsletter.

I’m still figuring this whole life-career thing out, and I have no directional path that is calling me. This seems like a nice place to be at the moment, but I still have this chronic wanderlust infecting my soul and I have no idea if it will ever be quelled. All I can do is see where this takes me.

Until Next Time,


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