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I promise, I promise, I will have actual content shortly, but LOOKIT MY 2LB MASSIVE CYBERCHILD:

Sleepless Flame Paperback Gush
The noises I made were not human in origin

She’s a beast at 514 pages.  I can’t even right now. I am in a glass case of emotion.  My hands are shaking, and I am surprised I can type out a cohesive sentence. Though I am finding myself hitting backspace a lot more than normal. It’s been a real rollercoaster, but now I can say I have seen something to a close.

This first shipment goes out to the people who have preordered here, and they should be out sometime next week, after I come down from this high of elation I am currently experiencing.

And of course, to anyone else interested, you can now find them in most online book retailers, including GooglePlay, Kobo, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. You can also find it on GoodReads, if you have lists you would like to slap it in. My next plan of action is to contact libraries and small booksellers. So if you procure a copy and enjoy it, be sure to leave a review! It helps me out a ton to convince others that I can produce a readable work xD

I just want to say, thank you all who have supported me in this journey, and was patient while I babbled incoherently into the void as I was constructing this machination. You are all rad <3

Now I am going to ride this high of elation while it lasts and procure a celebratory snack.

Until Next Time!


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