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ODIN IS AFFLICTED – Weekly (ish) Summary Report

So I’m feeling like toasted ass and my body has basically told me to gfy, so I have been attempting to take it easy for the week. I’m thinking it’s walking pneumonia again, which is only mildly irritating instead of incapacitating. But needless to say, it’s annoying to the fact that I probably shouldn’t be performing my normal routines, including going out in public and exercising.

I have also been subjected to TEA. Which I know does not sound terrible and that I’m whinging “OH WOE IS ME” but I do not like tea. At all. But I get to chase it with elderflower cordial, so it’s not all bad.  This is all because I can’t stand the medical industry in my country and I don’t feel like being judged and told that my weight is why I am coughing. Also since I don’t “look” sick, I really don’t feel like putting on a show in order to get anyone to believe me. All I want is some damned antibiotics so I can get on with my life.

And despite all the work I have to do, I am trying (keyword TRYING) to take the “it gets done when it gets done” approach. But I am not great at this newfangled thing called “relaxing.” I also have a couple of jewelry commissions to work on and videos to record using new fancy shapes on the market that I am far too excited to try. Also June is coming up fast, so I have to narrow down an art brief for the cover artist, so I can have that ready for them to work on while I make preparations for the reveals and preorders.

That being said, Chapter 2 is progressing very well. It is fully plotted, scenes one and two are in beta status, and part three is only requiring a few passes of polish before I pass it on to my readers.

Chapter 3 is also sneaking its way into my focus, and I don’t think that will take me long to chisel away into something readable. I just hope these sections aren’t going to bore readers with exposition. It is taking place on a whole other world, and a lot of Nara’s background is being displayed in a concise package before the action starts blowing everyone’s minds. I also need to explain *just enough* so that references from previous books will not be lost in translation. They key to balance, am I right?

I am also curious as to how those who have read the first book will react to the genre shift. This one is more of a space opera with aspects of cyberpunk technology. It will be a curious experiment I think.

IN ANY CASE! That is all that’s been going on with me, just trying to maintain balancing dumpster fires until something is put out eventually.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that if you HAVE read Sleepless Flame, please be sure to leave a review!! Not only does it help me be seen, you will also be responsible for my ecstatic giggles every time I hear what readers have thought of my worlds. Maybe chip a layer of ice or two in my blackened heart.



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