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If you haven’t heard, I am currently running a giveaway to celebrate Sleepless Flame’s one year release anniversary (and my birthday hurr hurr huur)

I am giving away ONE signed HARDCOVER copy of Sleepless Flame as well as a number of eBooks depending on how many people participate. Right now it is defaulted to three.

NOW. Here’s the thing. These hardbacks are NOT AVAILABLE for sale, so this is a very special rare opportunity. Be sure to get your entries in Before April 17th ad midnight EST.

And, if you have already picked up a copy and read it, please do leave a review! It helps me get discovered in the eternal void known as the internet.

Here is the giveaway link for you to fill out:

Sleepless Flame Hardcover Giveaway!

Here is a video on the subject in case you want to hear my weird voice:

That’s all I wanted to say, get to it! And Good Luck!


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