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Where the Fuck Has Odin Been?

Everywhere. I wish I was kidding. Currently I am playing catch up after a hectic but enjoyable road trip across the country. It was also my Birthday, so I shoved my obligations even further away from me because I am one tired potato.

Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that I am doing a Birthday Giveaway for one signed HARD COVER copy of Sleepless Flame. This version of the book is NOT AVAILABLE in stores, so it is super extra special. I will have a video up on it, but here is the link to the giveaway:

Sleepless Flame Hardcover Giveaway!

So here is a video GRWM where I talk over everything I have endured through the past month:

I also wanted to share with you pictures of my adventures. There were many more but my camera is shit and I have shaky hands so I ended up deleting most of them.

To summarize, I was tasked with helping a friend move to the Midwest, and being a native from therabouts I was glad to have the opportunity to poke around my previous stomping grounds.

He suspecc

I also could not assist in the driving labor becaue I cannot comfortably drive a stick. (NOTE: *COMFORTABLY* If you’re bleeding out in my passenger seat I will get you to a hospital, but it will be a rough ride.) But I was content at being DJ/Navigator.

Starting off with all the Food adventures, because priorities:

We took three days to drive to Chicago, and puttered around because CITY. Being a lover of pointy things, I took my friend over to the Art Institute and showed them all the wonderful medieval/Renaissance paintings.

And of coarse. SWORDS. And tit cans. The museum had a lovely collection of both. Also pretty boom sticks, which I tried to capture the details on, but sadly did not come through.

Later on in the evening we participated in my old group’s fencing night, where we got the shit beaten out of us with steel sticks.

Then we tooled up to our destination and hung out for a week eating delicious foods and getting settled in.

I made a stop on my flight back to Chicago and hung out with old chums, and we took a visit to the Field Museum. I took some photos of the glorious gem exhibit, because I figured my jewelry peeps would thoroughly enjoy them:

After I got back It was a shitton of paperwork and naps because I could not even.

What’s now in store? Fuck if I know.

I will be having another update probably next week about future events and what is going on in the Book realm after putting my head back on.

In the meantime, enjoy the giveaway! Spread the word and I will see you next time!


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