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Odin is an Axe Murderer

Since most people around me are out doing spooky things without me (I’M NOT BITTER) I thought I would at least write a quick little progress update on how I have been doin’ on the draft.

Gonna level with you, it’s real rough. Morale is low.

Turns out the first half of the book, which I *thought* was finished, sounds WORLDS different than the more recent second half. So I’ve started taking the chainsaw to it.

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A Jovial Progress Report

I apologize in advance for any and all typing errors that may occur. I reeeeally fucked my sleep schedule up this week, and I don’t think my brain has the ability to catch everything yet. (Energy drinks at midnight are always SMART CHOICES (TM)

I am in such high spirits this week, because SO MANY THINGS are clicking together. I promise I will not ruin this moment with casual cynicism and my impulse to wait for the other shoe to drop. THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO ME!


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The Spookiest of Weekly Reports

This week has not been the most fruitful in terms of productivity, but let’s face it: it is now October. I want nothing more than to frolic in the crisp pungent air and roll around in the decay of nature as I hurl candy at unwitting citizens.

I did manage to emerge from my dank hermit hole and take a night trip to see a VNV Nation concert, and holy hell. I was not prepared.

Never have I been to an industrial concert (and there have been quite a few) that cracked my shell of awkwardness and social anxiety to a point where I actually felt like participating in the revelry. Continue reading The Spookiest of Weekly Reports

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The Elusive Progress

You ever just find that one wardrobe artifact that you practically lust after, something you just dream about how rad you would look, and how it would swoosh as you are walking past your minions?

No? Just me? Pah.

For me, that piece of clothing is right here:

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Progress (ow) Report (ow)

This week I picked myself back up on my workout wagon, and I am in excruciating pain. I am having difficulty raising my arms after five days of walking trails, gymming it up, and HEMA practice, so please forgive me for any errors in this post. Or don’t. Whatever floats yer goat.

So the final chapter of 15 is starting to become the bane of my existence. I have a starting point. I have an end point. Here is what the middle looks like:


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Progress! Odin is Feeling it Now Mr. Krabs

It’s starting to feel a bit surreal in the writing cave as the winds of creativity begin to saturate my ear holes.

This week, I managed to not only finish off Chapter 13, but 14 as well – a week ahead of schedule. 13 had two intense combat scenes, and after the initial wave of smashing my keyboard, I was surprised to find that I didn’t hate the result.

14, on the other hand, needs a bit more polish. There is a lot of exposition that needs to be smoothed out, but for now it is good enough to progress with everything else. Continue reading Progress! Odin is Feeling it Now Mr. Krabs

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Update and Rude Awakenings

There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of a grown ass man bursting through your bedroom door screaming “ODIN! HELP! HERMES CAUGHT A MOUSE!!!”

…So how was your day? (The mouse is fine btw.)

So I guess in an attempt to warm up my brain, I will update you on the progress of 13, or something like that.

Firstly, I love math coincidences, and this is what my word count looked like last night:

I was *doubly* amused by the page count DOHOHOHO. Continue reading Update and Rude Awakenings

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Progress! Sweet delicious progress. This week I have finished the Beta version of Chapter 12, then did an appropriate amount of dicking around ranching some slimes.


Though, I thought I have done already since I bought it early access, but I guess my brain has slipped or something. Fuck if I know.

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Weekly Progress Report

Not a whole lot to report on, and since this is the first post, I will just give a general impression of what I have been doing.

Mostly setting up this site, really.

As it stands right now, I have just finished the Beta version of Chapter 11, where Nara is having a wonderful fun time in Uppercity. (hint: no. no she is not.)

I am now currently working on the restructure of Chapter 12, where things start to climax in terms of final conflict. I have had to chip off pieces and smoosh other ideas together in order to make location transitions smooth. But I have all of the chapter plotted out, so finishing it should be no problem. *SHOULD* Continue reading Weekly Progress Report